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The Best Paintballs – 2020

Whether you are a new paintball player or a veteran who is looking to take your game up to the new level, you should know that other than your skill and composure, the equipment you use can make a huge difference to your performance. The paintball gun (also known as a paintball marker), and all the protective gear you use matters a lot when it comes to making the experience better but there is one thing which most paintball players often take for granted: The paintballs themselves.

The type of paintball ammo you use also has a big impact on the result of the game and this is the reason why we are going to tell you about some of the best paintballs on the market right now. This guide will encompass the best paintballs you can get in the .68 caliber range, the best paintballs in the .50 caliber range and a few other alternatives.

The Best Paintballs – Comparison

1. The Best .68 Caliber Paintballs – Valken Infinity Paintballs

Our choice when it comes to the best paintballs currently available is the Valken Infinity .68 caliber. This is the number one choice for all the paintball players who want the most reliable tournament paintballs that will never let them down. In fact, the very first thing you notice when you get a packet of these is their thick shell.

The thickness of the shell makes this beauty a durable paintball so you know it will not break as it leaves the paintball marker. The Valken Infinity suits a wide range of players from professional to entry-level players. The price of the Valken Infinity is pretty reasonable and its affordability is another reason why it is considered to be among the best in the market.

Another benefit of the Valken Infinity Paintballs is that they shoot straight and if you have a decent paintball marker, your accuracy will be unmatchable. A general complaint that a lot of paintball players have with many paintball brands is that some of the paintballs are almost always damaged in the packaging. This is one issue you will never have with the Valken Infinity – the manufacturer’s investment in quality control pays dividends!

Without any broken parts or dimples, these are all ready to use right out of the packet. The Valken Infinity is also pretty versatile due to the thick shell. Whether you are playing with a magfed paintball marker or one that uses a hopper, you can rely on them to give you an unmatchable performance all around. You can rest assured that these paintballs will perform well even when used with the paintball markers notorious for damaging the paintballs even before they leave the chamber.

Minor Issues

You will not face a lot of issues with the Valken Infinity Paintballs. In fact, you will not have any problems at all regarding their performance on the field or the ease of use. The only issue that we felt with the Valken Infinity was with the packaging. It was a little poorly done considering the high quality paintballs these are.


We Like

  • Thick shells, which make it durable
  • Suitable for various players
  • Accurate and versatile

We Don’t Like

  • Poor packaging
  • Not as biodegradable as other paintballs
  • Can leave a nasty paint residue up close

2. The Best 50 Cal Paintballs – Valken Fate Paintballs – 50cal

Valken paintballs are some of the best in the industry. As well as our favorite .68 caliber paintballs, our pick in the .50 caliber category also belongs to Valken.

Reasonably priced and fairly durable, the .50 caliber Fate Paintballs by Valken are a reliable tool when it comes to supremacy in the field of battle. These were the answer by Valken to compete when it comes to catering to paintball players who prefer to use the smaller caliber paintball markers.

The thick shell of the Valken Fate Paintballs gives them extra strength and better integrity when you compare them to other paintballs made by different manufacturers in the same caliber. They are smaller, more compact and highly versatile. Suitable for a wide variety of players, the Valken Fate is good for everyone from the beginner level to the professional paintball players.

The smaller size makes them even better for fast-paced games, which see you firing a lot of rounds. You feel a distinct advantage, especially when you are using hopper fed paintball markers in which you can store a greater quantity.  With higher capacity, you get to shoot a lot more before you need to stop and reload your marker again and that gives you a vital edge over your opponents if they are using the .68 caliber standard paintballs.

Minor Issues

While you will generally have no problems with the integrity of the Valken Fate Paintballs, this .50 caliber ammunition for paintball markers has been reported to be a little inconsistent when it comes to the size. Several users have reported that some of the individual rounds in the Valken Fate Paintballs are a little smaller than .50 caliber, which can sometimes affect the shooting accuracy.


We Like

  • Compact size
  • Thick shell
  • Value for money

We Don’t Like

  • Minor inconsistency
  • Poor packaging
  • Difficulty in washing out paint

3. GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs

Among the notable contenders are the GI Sportz XBall Certified Midnight Paintballs.

This is a set of paintballs that also comes highly recommended for both regulars and those who play the game on occasion. The GI Sportz XBall Certified Midnight Paintballs are a product of a very reliable brand GI Sportz. They are quite dependable and they still give you a reliable performance.

They come in a variety of sizes you can choose from depending on the caliber your paintball marker uses and you can get 1,000 paintballs in one packet when you get the Midnight Paintballs by GI Sportz.

Minor Issues

The thing about the GI Sportz XBall Certified Midnight Paintballs is that the packaging is not the best. It is a plastic bag, which has all of them contained within it without much protection otherwise that puts them at risk of breakage during transport.

We Like

  • Versatile paintballs
  • Available in all standard calibers
  • Paint washes off easily

We Don’t like

  • Not very sturdy
  • Not as reliable as other models mentioned previously
  • Horrible packaging in terms of protection

4. Valken Graffiti Paintballs – 68cal

A very good alternative in the .68 caliber category is another paintball made by Valken. The Valken Graffiti is a set of .68cal paintball marker ammunition which is considered to be the top shelf entry on the list. They are constructed in a way that they feature superior firing accuracy and marking abilities.

The shells are just the right thickness to break on impact right when they hit the target instead of inconveniently bouncing off. This comes in quite handy when you are shooting at a distance. This makes the Valken Graffiti Paintballs particularly useful for the woodsball game where you often find yourself practically sniping at your opponents as they hide behind cover.

Minor Issues

The issue with these is that even though they are very reliable and offer superior performance to any other paintball on the list, they are also the most expensive ones you will see in the market. It might be too much of an investment for the casual player.

We Like

  • Superior performance
  • Greater accuracy
  • More reliable marking

We Don’t Like

  • Packaging
  • Value for money
  • Unsuitable for entry level players

5. Generic Paintball Pellets .68 Caliber

If your search for the best paintballs relies more on the aspect of quantity over anything else, you might find these generic paintballs to be the best option for you. They are the most affordable paintballs we have seen. That does not mean you necessarily have to compromise on the quality of the performance.

These paintballs are .68cal ammunition rounds which offer plenty of value for money since you can get a decent amount of these for a lower budget.

Minor Issues

Their packaging is not the best that you can get and that can be highly problematic during transportation. The paintballs themselves are not poorly made but the lack of protection from the packaging can cause a lot of damage without even opening the package.

We Like

  • The most affordable paintballs in the market
  • Reliable on the field
  • Good performance

We Don’t Like

  • Subpar packaging
  • Can be damaged by the firing mechanism
  • Better used for recreational players

6. WNW .50 Cal Paintballs

If you are looking for a bang for your buck, the WNW .50 Caliber paintballs are a pretty decent choice to consider. Now with these, you do need to keep in mind that your main advantage is the number of paintballs you can get for the money spent, because these aren’t going to be the same quality paintballs as some of the higher up entries in this guide. When we say that the WNW .50cal paintballs are decent, we mean that they are enough to give you an okay experience of playing a game. However, you should not expect to find the best paintballs in the world at this price point.

If you are playing with a .50 caliber paintball marker at an entry level as someone who is more or less casual about paintball, this is pretty much the perfect investment. It does not cost a lot and it gets the job done. They do offer you very good value for your money but if you are planning to stick to the sport, you would be better off investing in some of the higher-priced entries in this guide.

Minor Issues

The WNW are .50 caliber paintball rounds which are not the sturdiest in the market. You should prepare yourself to see a few of the pellets already popped in the package when you open it and still a few more to pop as they leave the barrel (depending on the firing mechanism your marker uses). The good thing is that you can easily clean the paintball gun out because the WNW does not leave a very permanent residue.

We Like

  • Immense value for money
  • Relatively simple packaging and easy to use
  • Does not leave a permanent mark

We Don’t Like

  • Comparatively unreliable
  • Packaging is poorly done
  • Often likely to break as they leave the barrel

What Makes a Good Paintball?

As you can clearly see, there is a massive variety of paintballs out there. There are intricacies about each of them based on the manufacturer and the model which create a big difference when it comes to the impact they make on the field of play. Considering the variety of paintballs available, it is valid to wonder what makes the best paintballs, so you can make the best decision based on your needs.


The price is a big factor when it comes to choosing the paintballs you should go for. Everybody wants to get more for less money but they also do not want to hamper the quality of the experience.

Price is especially important if you want to do a bit of target practice in between games – if you’re not careful, it’s easy to rack up a big bill! This is why you need to carefully compare the prices of all the options you’re considering before you pick one.


There is a delicate balance you need to maintain between the price point and durability of the paintball options you are considering during your search for the best paintballs. You need paintballs that are tough enough to provide reliable performance – a poor quality paintball model will lead to a poor quality experience.

The higher priced paintballs will generally provide more durability while they exit the barrel and break immediately on impact with the target. The extra quality control imposed by the manufacturer comes with a price.


Of course, the paintballs you go for need to be compatible with the paintball gun you are using. The standard paintball ammunition is .68cal, but there are several different calibers to choose from depending on which paintball gun you choose.


Paintball is generally a very safe game if you take all the right precautions and use the equipment how it is supposed to be used. When it comes to paintballs, make sure you never tamper with them in any way and use them only as they have been intended by the manufacturer.

Paintballs travel at high speeds and they can injure someone very badly if used outside the confines of a game where everybody is wearing the right gear to protect themselves.

Be sure to buy a decent quality paintball model, for ultimate peace of mind.


There are some paintballs which are likely to break within the barrel while firing while there are those that will not break apart until they hit the target. The thing is, you can expect some kind of residue left from the paintballs within the paintball guns, especially if you use your equipment regularly. Make sure that you clean up your marker after every session so that the paintballs move easily through the loading mechanism and barrel to hit the targets.

Final Thoughts

Paintball is a wonderful game and for a lot of people, it is more than simply a hobby – it is a lifestyle. In order to make the most of it, you need to get the best of everything and depending on your needs, you will find the best paintball from the options within this guide. Stay safe and have fun!

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