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How to Use a Paintball Gun

A girl with a paintball gun

Holding the Paintball Gun Properly The first thing you need to know about how to use a paintball gun is to hold it properly. While paintball guns are designed to be safe, you need to remember that they use a lot of high pressured air to propel the paintballs at high speeds. You need to be […]

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How Does A Paintball Gun Work?

paintball gun trigger

The Basics Paintball guns essentially work in the same way: the paintballs are expelled from the end of the barrel of a paintball gun using expanding gas in controlled bursts. Typically, the compressed gas is either compressed air or compressed carbon dioxide from a canister that is attached to the gun. There are some guns […]

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How Far Can A Paintball Gun Shoot?

girl playing paintball with a camouflage suit

Have you ever wondered “How far can a paintball gun shoot?”? If so, like many things in life, the answer is “It depends”. There’s no one answer that covers every situation, as there are many variables and outside factors that can affect distance. That said, there are a number of ways to estimate the shooting […]

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How to Clean a Paintball Gun

paintball gun schematics against black background

De-Gas Your Gun The first step in how to clean a paintball gun is to de-gas it entirely. You do not want any accidental shots being fired while you’re working on it, right? Make sure you take out the canister and then find the ASA lever to de-gas it. If yours does not have one of […]

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The Paintball Terminology You Need to Know

paintball terminology

“Dorito side!” “Snake side!” “Bump up to the god bunker!” Bump up to the what? Why are we talking about corn chips and reptiles? What kind of strange terminology is this? Welcome to the wonderful world of paintball. This action-packed, high-energy game is sure to have you hooked from the first time to you try it. […]

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What Are Paintball’s Best Tactics?

Paintball's Best Tactics

When you go paintballing there is really only one reason you play… To win. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, having paintball’s best tactics will set you apart from your competition. If you are looking to up your game then you have come to the right place. Read on to find out some […]

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What Is The Cost Of Paintball?

cost of paintball

The cost of paintball will depend on how much or how little you want to play and pay. The more time you spend playing the sport, the more money it will cost you in the long-run. Here’s our guide if you’re wondering how much is paintball going to cost. Calculating Paintball Cost The cost of […]

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The Paintball Gear You Need

paintball gear you need

Do you want to wait until you’re out in the field to find out how much a paintball hurts? No? Didn’t think so! Those puppies can travel at 300 feet per second. That’s over 200 miles per hour! Welts are a badge of honor for the avid paintballer, but you can reduce pain and avoid […]

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10 Variations of Paintball Games

Variations of Paintball Games

Welcome, new player! You’ve made a great choice in picking up a new, fun hobby. You’re probably in the process of purchasing your gear and getting ready to go out into the field, right? But just before you get out on that field, there’s one more step you should tackle: knowing the common variations of […]

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