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HK Army and JT make some of the better budget-range paintball masks we’ve seen. We have an in-depth look at 2 of their most popular models, the HK Army KLR vs the JT Premise – which one is best?

Once you’ve seen how these 2 masks compare with each other, find out how they compare with the best paintball masks

HK Army KLR vs JT Premise – Specifications

HK Army KLR Mask / GogglesJT Premise Headshield Paintball Goggles
HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask / Goggles
JT Premise Headshield Paintball Goggle
LensHigh-definition dual-pane thermal lensSpectra lens
UVA-UVB protection
Vision AngleNot stated260-degree
Strap SecurityAdjustable anti-slip goggle strapAdjustable Chin Strap
Wireless CapabilityN/AN/A
ComfortTri-layer face foamSoft face foam
Key Features and DesignPVT Lock Quick-Change Lens
High-Density Compression Molded Earpieces
Adjustable Chin Strap with Comfort Pad
Snap In Place removable Goggle Foam Insert
Full Head Protective Panels
Pro-Change Lens and Foam (no tools required)
Built-In Visor
Vented face-mask
Size OptionsOne SizeOne Size
Color OptionsBlack/Blue
Neon Green
Cost ( PriceCheck Price

HK Army KLR vs JT Premise – Similarities

Neither paintball mask is WiFi compatible

  • Unlike some paintball masks, neither the HK Army nor the JT Premise mask is wireless capable.

Both the HK Army and JT Premise mask have the same fitting size

  • Like other paintball masks, both the HK Army and JT Premise masks are ‘one size fits most’ and are adjustable.

HK Army KLR vs JT Premise – Differences

Both paintball masks have slightly different lens features

  • The HK Army mask has a high-definition dual-pane lens.
  • The JT Premise uses an anti-fog Spectra lens with UVA/UVB protection.

Only the JT Premise has a stated vision angle

  • The JT Premise has a 260-degree vision angle.

The HK Army and JT Premise masks have a different strap security

  • The HK Army mask uses an adjustable anti-slip goggle strap.
  • The JT Premise has an adjustable chin strap.

Both have different foams used for comfort

  • The HK Army mask uses a tri-layer face foam, while the JT Premise has a soft face foam. Both are designed to keep sweat and moisture away while providing a comfortable fit for different facial contours.

The HK Army mask and JT Premise have different design and features

  • The HK Army mask features a PVT Lock quick-change lens and a snap-in-place removable goggle foam insert. It is designed with high-density compression molded earpieces and an adjustable chin strap with a comfort pad.
  • The JT Premise has full head protective panels with built-in visor for extra UVA/UVB protection and is a vented facemask for easy communication. Aside from that, it is designed with a pro-change lens and foam for easy replacement without tools required.

Both paintball masks slightly differ in width and length

  • The HK Army mask has a width of 8.2” and a length of 8”.
  • The JT Premise has a width of 12” and a length of 8.7”.

Both the HK Army and JT Premise differ in mask weight

  • The HK Army mask weighs 1.8lbs, while the JT Premise is slightly lighter at 1.4lbs.

Both paintball masks are available in a different range of colors

  • The HK Army mask is available in either Black/Blue, Black/Red, White/Black, Abyss, Cyborg, Cobalt, Mist, Neon Green, or Scorch.
  • The JT Premise is available in Black.

Both offer different warranties

  • The HK Army mask has a 1-year warranty, while the JT Premise has a 30-day limited warranty.


The HK Army KLR and JT Premise paintball masks offer safety and protection. The choice between the two will depend on your preferences.

Here are some notable differences that might help you when choosing which paintball mask is best for you:

  • The JT Premise offers 260-degree visibility, while HK army does not state the field of vision of their mask.
  • The JT Premise seems a little bulky with a 12” width.
  • The HK Army mask has a more extensive color range to choose from.
  • The HK Army mask has a much better warranty.