paintball gun schematics against black background

How to Clean a Paintball Gun

De-Gas Your Gun

The first step in how to clean a paintball gun is to de-gas it entirely. You do not want any accidental shots being fired while you’re working on it, right? Make sure you take out the canister and then find the ASA lever to de-gas it. If yours does not have one of those levers, check the manual for the model and find the method to de-gas it completely.

Disassemble the Paintball Gun

The next step in how to clean a paintball gun is to disassemble the entire thing. You take a start with the hopper, of course and then work your way around the rest of it. Remove the bold, the hammer, barrel and the grip frame. It is a good idea to keep all of these items aside with all of their bolts & fasteners placed with them, so you can put it all back together easily.

Clean the Barrel

Next up, you have to clean the barrel of the gun. Use a purpose-made paintball marker swab you can pull through the barrel (like this one). Clean out the barrel rigorously so you remove any and all signs of built up paint in there. If you leave the residue there, it can cause your gun to jam up. Once you’re done cleaning out the paint, give it a proper wipe down so that it’s dried.

Clean the Body

Now for the body – check the instructions to see if it’s okay to use a squeegee to clean the body. You can read about it in the gun’s instruction manual. If it is alright, do clean up the body of the gun with a squeegee. In case your gun should not be cleaned using a squeegee, you should use either a Q-tip or a wet toothbrush to carefully clean the body out. Cleaning out the gun prevents any jamming or damage to the paintball gun. Wipe down the body to make it completely dry.

Clean the Frame

Using a Q-tip or a wet toothbrush, clean up the grip frame of the paintball gun. Make sure you do not mess around with the trigger assembly. It’s not easy to put it all back together if you don’t know how to. Focus on the frame itself and dry it up.

Clean the Bolt and Hammer

The next step in cleaning a paintball gun is the bolt and the hammer. Use a clean paper towel to give them both a good wipe down. Dry the parts off once you have wiped them properly. The O-rings on both of these parts need to be checked for any signs of damage. A little wear and tear is okay but if there’s extensive damage, you should consider replacing both of them.

Lubricate the Parts

Once it’s all cleaned up, you should give each part a thorough inspection for signs of damage again. If there’s anything too worn out, this is when you replace the part. With everything properly cleaned, you need to lubricate the entire thing carefully. Use a Q-tip to lightly coat the O-rings. Make sure you only use paintball gun oil recommended by the manufacturer of your model.

Reassemble the Gun

The last step in how to clean the paintball gun is to just put it all back together. While it will be pretty easy to put it back together once you have cleaned out the paintball gun a few times, you should reassemble it using the schematic to help you when you go for it the first time. You need to ensure that the order of assembly is correct and every part is installed properly. With your gun assembled properly, you can rest assured that you have a machine in excellent working condition for a long time. It is literally as easy as that. Best of luck and play safe!