How to use a paintball gun

How to Use a Paintball Gun

Holding the Paintball Gun Properly

The first thing you need to know about how to use a paintball gun is to hold it properly. While paintball guns are designed to be safe, you need to remember that they use a lot of high pressured air to propel the paintballs at high speeds. You need to be careful with one of these.

You need to hold the paintball gun properly. Press the air tank against your shoulder properly on either side (depending on which side has your more dominant hand on the trigger). Use your dominant hand to operate the trigger while you need to use the other hand to hold the gun steady as you fire the paintball gun. Perfect a stable grip with the dominant side and then practice with the other side as well so you have an advantage over your opponents in the game as you improve.

Aiming the Paintball Gun

An important part of how to use a paintball gun is, of course, knowing how to aim it. It is quite obvious that if you cannot aim the paintball gun and train it on your opponents, you cannot win. You need to use one of your eyes and align it with the sights on your paintball gun.

While paintballing, you will rarely be firing at someone standing still. In order to increase your chances of hitting a running opponent is to fire a little ahead of the direction they are running. This accommodates the travel time of the paintball and they are more likely to end up running into the paintball.

Many people feel they should close the other eye while aiming but that’s actually counterproductive. This is a fast game and the other eye will give you the peripheral vision you need to keep you aware of any other enemies coming towards you from the sides.

Firing the Paintball Gun

At a distance of around 300 feet, an average paintball gun can give you a fair bit of accuracy. A paintball gun can shoot further but the paintballs lose momentum the farther they go and you lose accuracy. Using your judgment well here makes an important part of how to use a paintball gun.

The closer you are, the more likely the paintball gun is to shoot true. As the distance increases, the paintball moves because of gravity. Keep that in mind while aiming and firing the gun.

You also need to make sure that you hold the gun as straight as possible because the hopper uses gravity to feed the paintball into the chamber.  If you’re lying down sideways, it’s likely that the paintball gun will not load properly and you can miss a shot.

Dealing with Any Problems

You need to know how to troubleshoot your paintball gun if you’re playing such a fast game. There are chances that something might go wrong while you’re playing. You pull the trigger and nothing happens. Chances are that you might have switched the safety back on by mistake. All you need to do is set it back and start firing again.

If the issue is something else entirely, you should have an appropriate Allen wrench to open it up for a quick adjustment where needed. Of course, if you do not have the technical knowledge, you should just hold up the paintball gun clearly into the air so other players around you know and (if they like playing fair), they will not fire at you.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these tips on how to use a paintball gun will help you get at least the basics and give you a good start to the game. Remember that you should learn as much as you can about the paintball gun you’re using so you can resolve any issues with it yourself. You should also learn how to maintain your paintball gun to keep it in good working condition for a longer time. Best of luck and good shooting!