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Paintball Marker Reviews

Tippmann Cronus Review

Tippmann is well-known for making durable and dependable guns that are simple to use and have decent accuracy. Tippmann isn’t likely to cover the faults in their product description, so you’ve got to rely on outside sources to receive a reasonable and unbiased review.

A Tippmann won’t perform as well, but it is going to be in a position to defy the cold temperatures and wet snow and rain.

When it has to do with paintball, it gets even more relevant. Paintball is quite a popular sport, and several take up it as a passion. You’ll be cold, and a paintball hitting you at 290 fps will hurt a good deal more than usual.

Why is Cronus the ideal paintball marker for beginners? The main reasons are the reliability and ease of use.

Reliability – the Cronus is based on the older Tippmann 98, which is said to be the most commonly rented paintball marker in the world. And who hires paintball guns? Usually, beginners and intermediate players who are learning the ropes. Even the paintball fields love the Tippmann for its durability and reliability: it lasts longer than any other gun. In short: the weapon can last a long time.

Tippmann designed the Cronus specifically with the user experience in mind. This gun shoots quickly and accurately and is incredibly easy to maintain. Many beginners can learn to disassemble and reassemble on Cronus within an hour.

While not specifically aimed at experienced players, the many customizations available mean the Cronus has its place here too.

Tippmann Cronus Specifications

  • Weight – 3.7lb
  • .68 Caliber
  • CO2 & HPA Air Capability
  • Gravity Feed for Paintballs
  • Open Bolt Blow Back
  • Range – up to 150 feet
  • 4 Picatinny Rails

The owner can upgrade many of these specifications.


Design and usability

The design of the gun is ideal; it’s simple, and the focus is on usability. While many lower-priced paintball markers can look like toys, this looks like a professional paintball marker. Although the plastic content is higher than some other Tippmann paintball markers, the material appears to be of good quality considering the price and gives the gun a premium appearance. The material is robust and may require several strokes without breaking.

The gun weighs less than 4lb, making it ideal for a beginner. You might think that reduced weight reduces accuracy, especially when it comes to long-range shots, but this problem is solved by adding a vertical grip. The upright handle offers stability and simplifies long-distance shooting.

The rubber grip simplifies the handling of the gun, this is important when you’re a beginner, and getting a stable grip can be an issue. The gun is available in more colors, but the olive green version is the best for me. It has a camouflage look that also helps to hide the weapon during the game.

It also features an internal gas line; most markers have an exposed gas line, which makes them difficult to handle and is easily damaged. The internal gas line keeps the line safe and facilitates the easier management of the marker.

Overall, the design is on par with more expensive markers. Surprisingly, they have achieved this goal without compromising the quality of the gun.



The marker and additional components are packaged in a cardboard box. The assembly is quite simple and straightforward; it comes with an instruction manual in case you can’t figure out how to fix things.


Tippmann Cronus Performance

The Tippmann Cronus paintball marker is the perfect model for the first steps in Woodsball. It is one of the most popular markers for sale today and has many essential elements to improve your game. For example, the vertical handle, the two-piece handle design, which makes the appointment very easy to hold, and the best part, has minimal recoil. Therefore, players who are new to paintball, the Cronus is an excellent choice for those who are learning to shoot. This marker is also extremely effective in shooting paintball, thanks to the mechanical trigger that helps you shoot up to 15 BPS. Overall, this unit shoots with excellent accuracy and moderate distance.


Can You Customize It?

Most indicators do not include a customization option. This is where the Tippmann Cronus stands out; there is a provision to improve your gun, by adding additional components. You wouldn’t worry when you start, but in the long run, this could save you quite a bit of cash. If you buy a customizable marker, you can easily make changes and get a similar experience to a more expensive gun, without having to buy a new one. You can upgrade the stock, the carrying handle, and the suppressor by providing enough space for future updates.

The laser sight is beneficial when playing in low light or at night. However, the default sight isn’t especially useful. Furthermore, the sights are not adjustable, so you may need to get used to the default setting.

There is no other paintball gun easier to customize than the Cronus. You can add more tracks and buy the special edition tactical mode that fans love. The average beginner paintballer buys a gun that is easy to use but cannot be upgraded in the future. This is a huge mistake, and I will explain why. Once he or she has more experience, they need a marker that matches their skills — buying a gun that cannot be upgraded forces them to invest in a new weapon. With the Tippmann Cronus, it is not so. They can update their current model and keep it for years.


Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition is an excellent alternative for those looking to buy Cronus but who want to take it to the next level, with some of the updates already installed. The tactical edition is also semi-automatic and offers an incredibly smooth shot.

An additional handle is mounted on the front of the gun and can be removed or added at the user’s discretion.

The back of the gun also has a folding stock so that the weapon can be quickly modified for different gameplay and environment.

The gun has a guide pre-installed on top. There are also Picatinny rails on the sides and the bottom: maybe a great place to mount a laser?

The Tactical Edition also has a different barrel, the A-5, which is a common update for many paintballers. The additional accessories supplied as standard with the Tactical Edition are a tear-off squeegee for better cleaning and a barrel sleeve for storing it.

The Tactical Edition component kit includes oil/lubricant, Allen wrenches to facilitate attachment and release of accessories, and spare O-rings for the marker.



Tippmann back the Cronus with a two-year guarantee.



That wraps up our Tippmann Cronus review. This is the perfect paintball gun for beginners because it was designed from the outset with you in mind. It is reasonably light, precise and does not cut paintballs, which is one of it’s best features since the chopped balls affect your accuracy and require you to disassemble the gun to clean it.

This is one of the cheapest guns, which is surprising, since it is a Tippmann paintball gun, so you know you are getting a high-quality product.

The Cronus is a fantastic paintball gun with many exceptional features and capabilities. Its usefulness for the more serious and experienced players is questionable, but we highly recommend it to beginners and occasional paintballers.

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