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Tippmann TMC Review

In recent years, the market for mag-fed paintball guns has taken off. Many companies manufacture magazine-powered guns; however, one area of ​​the magazine-powered market that was missing was a decent, user-friendly entry-level gun. Is the Tippmann TMC the gun to fill that gap?

The TMC is based on the proven Tippmann Cronus and has been a hit with beginners and intermediate paintball players alike. The TMC has the same robust and reliable design as the Cronus, but with a twist – it is magazine-fed. Previously Tippmann had only one mag-fed paintball gun in their range: the TCR, which, although a robust marker, was quite expensive for beginners, unsure whether to commit to the sport.

Read on for our Tippmann TMC review, and let’s see if the TMC is the mag-fed marker for you!

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  • Weight – 4lbs (mag-fed), 3lb 15oz (hopper-fed)
  • .68 Caliber
  • Mechanical Trigger
  • Barrel: 12″
  • Propellant: CO2 or HPA
  • Firing Rate: 8bps
  • Barrel Thread – A-5 compatible
  • Open Bolt Blow Back
  • Range – up to 150 feet
  • 4 Picatinny Rails


  • Dual feed option – Magazine- or hopper-fed
  • In-line bolt system
  • 2x 20 round spring driven magazines included
  • Easy-pull trigger
  • Rubber grip
  • High performance twelve inches barrel with muzzle brake
  • Stainless Steel internal gas line
  • Two-position external selector
  • Five-position collapsible stock
  • Aluminum receiver
  • Front and Rear adjustable iron sights
  • Sling mounts
  • 4 Picatinny rails



If you’ve ever owned a Tippmann before, you’ll have a good idea of ​​what you can expect from TMC. This marker uses the familiar Tippmann blowback type bolt that works at tank pressure; this means that the TMC works at around 750 PSI. Given its high-pressure operation, this gun is quite noisy and has a slight recoil. However, neither is a huge problem.

TMC is a pneumatic paintball gun, so there are no electrical components. Although this means that it only has a semi-automatic firing mode, the trade-off is a more robust marker than an electrical alternative.

What’s surprising about the TMC is how light it is when you hold it. You would expect that a larger marker would be more cumbersome, but not the TMC. To give you a better idea, a smaller gun like the Tippman TCR points the scale at 4lb 6oz, compared to the 4lbs of the TMC. The light weight contributes to the recoil mentioned above; however, this only adds to the fun and authenticity.

The TMC uses a frame trigger similar to the Cronus, which is quite comfortable to use. The frame and grooves wrapped in rubber in the front perfectly fit the fingers and improve the grip.

The stock on the TMC is adjustable. You can click it into five different positions.

The TMC has an internal gas line, making it look less toy-like & more like an AR-15, as well as protecting the line from damage.

The CO2 tank attaches to the bottom of the handle, rather than being in the butt. This is a slightly unusual configuration but, once you’ve fired it several times, you will get used to it.

The TMC has an over-molded rubber handle that adapts to the shape and lines of the hand. Also, the switch, to switch from safety to fire, and the magazine release buttons are available with the touch of a finger.

The adjustable front and rear sights are a great addition to this already solid marker. The TMC is already a very authentic marker, and Tippmann adding the front and rear sights only favor this AR-like marker they were trying to create.

One of the best features of this marker is its ability to switch from mag-fed to hopper-fed quickly.

One issue that customers have mentioned is that the CO2 tank keeps leaking and losing. This can be problematic during a game situation. Other than that, it’s generally a compelling product.


What’s In The Box?

When you buy your Tippmann TMC Magfed Paintball marker, this is what you will see when you open the package. The items included are the following:

  • Tippmann TMC Mag-fed Paintball Marker body with adjustable stock
  • Tippmann 98 threaded barrel with four tactical rails
  • 2x 19 round magazines
  • 1x dummy magazine (for use with a hopper)
  • Hopper adapter
  • Barrel sleeve



Assembly is quite simple and straightforward; it comes with an instruction manual in case you get stuck.



If you’ve used any Tippmann marker, you’ll have a good idea of ​​how the TMC feels. This marker is very easy to use. A little practice will have you shooting like a pro.

The trigger is also another intuitive feature that works great for both clumsy and little fingers.

Another benefit is that loading the balls is easy – unlike your typical magfed paintball gun, you don’t have to load the balls and compress the spring at the same time. There is a knob on the side of the magazine that you simply screw in to compress the spring. Loading is much smoother than on some other markers.

Overall, the Tippmann TMC shoots straight and reliably, but is not intended to be a semi-automatic paintball gun.

Since it’s mag-fed, the shots are intended to be used with patience and precision, sniper style, although you can use it with a hopper & spray paintballs if that’s more your thing.



The rubber moldings are easy to grip, so you can aim and shoot with great accuracy.

The Tippmann TMC is one of the more accurate beginner- to intermediate-level paintball guns in the industry, even if you’re using it with cheaper round balls. The effective range with the standard 12″ barrel is around 150 feet. With shaped projectiles, your chances of hitting the target are even better.

If you want to be even more precise and shoot from further away, you have the option to add an optical scope or upgraded barrel.



The magazines provided with the TMC are more than good enough for most players. They are inexpensive, well-made, and most importantly, they don’t let you down during a game.

The TMC magazines have a 19-ball capacity, giving you 38 shots before reloading. It is possible to fit 20 paintballs in each; however, the general consensus is that magazines tend to cause fewer problems when only 19 balls are loaded – loading fewer paintballs allows for greater consistency in feeding and a reduced compression of the projectiles in the magazine.

The main point of mag-fed guns (apart from the AR-15 looks) is that magazines allow you to use shaped projectiles, which are more accurate at a greater distance than the cheaper round paintballs you’re probably used to. There’s always a catch, though, and in this case, shaped projectiles are more expensive than the regular alternatives.

One way to use a mag- and hopper-fed marker is loading shaped projectiles into the magazines, so you can use regular paintballs in the hopper. This gives you the option to deal with different situations and requirements in the field. Please note, you can’t use the hopper and magazines at the same time – you have to insert the dummy magazine when using a hopper. Changing between the two should take under a minute & doesn’t need any tools; however, it’s not instant!



The TMC contains very few moving parts, O-rings, and other parts that wear out; as such, it requires very little maintenance (similar to the Cronus on which it’s based). This allows you to keep your marker in perfect shape without having to struggle to clean or disassemble it constantly. However, remember to clean it properly from time to time and lubricate the ASA before your next paintball game.

The TMC has a frequently-mentioned disadvantage – it’s not straightforward to disassemble. However, it shouldn’t require any regular maintenance other than routine cleaning & lubrication, for which you don’t need to take it apart.

If you do have a technical problem with your TMC in the field, you should be able to find replacement parts easily.



As the TMC is based on the proven Tippmann 98, many 98-compatible upgrades allow you to customize your marker.

The 4 Picatinny rails allow you to install extra accessories, so you can have as powerful a marker as your budget allows.

You can also buy a conventional air-through stock, if you really can’t get used to the CO2 tank location.

Being able to upgrade is an advantage, particularly for beginners – instead of investing in a new paintball gun, you can update the marker you already own & are familiar with. Upgrades are significantly cheaper than buying a new gun.



The TMC (like the Cronus it’s based on) is just as robust and durable as other Tippmann guns. The Tippmann 98 didn’t become the most rented paintball gun in the world without the manufacturer learning a thing or two about making their markers last!

The robust structure, with its high metal content, should cope with most abuse. The polymer & rubber parts seem to be decent quality too.

One slight issue may be the charging handle, is it seems to be made of a less-robust plastic, which may eventually cause it to break.

The fact that it has no electrical parts should also help make this a durable gun.


Who Is It For?

Beginner & Intermediate

The Tippmann TMC is a fantastic beginner marker if you want to try out the mag-fed experience. It is light, user-friendly, and accurate. The TMC’s robust construction will help it stand up to abuse.

It is also available at a great price, which is essential if you haven’t quite decided to commit to the sport yet.

Advanced / Veteran

The solid construction, light weight, upgradeability, and wide availability of spare parts could still make this marker a good choice for the more experienced player.



Tippmann provides a two-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.





  • Easily switch between Mag- and Hopper-fed
  • Robust construction
  • Lightweight
  • 98 thread barrel
  • Authentic AR look & feel
  • Customizable
  • Internal steel gas line
  • Low Price
  • Accuracy



  • Cumbersome CO2 tank location
  • Not the easiest of guns to disassemble
  • CO2 tank can come loose
  • Not First Strike compatible



The Tippmann TMC Magfed Paintball Marker would make an excellent choice for anybody’s first foray into the mag-fed world. The build quality, ergonomics, light weight and accuracy are all excellent features, and the included magazines are a nice bonus.

The available upgrades allow you to keep using this gun as you improve as a player, or if you want to play different roles. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced paintball player; this marker can adapt to any style of play and level of experience.

We hope this Tippmann TMC review has helped you choose the best marker for you!