Does paintball hurt

Does Paintball Hurt?

How Much Does Paintball Hurt? The most common question asked by paintball beginners is “does paintball hurt?” There are many factors to consider, but the short answer is, yes it can in some cases. The pain can vary, from a slight sting, to something like an insect bite. It’s impossible to say exactly how much paintball hurts, as pain

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CO2 vs compressed air

CO2 vs Compressed Air

One of the most commonly-asked questions in paintball (apart from “what is the best paintball marker?“) is “What is the difference between CO2 and compressed air tanks?” Or “Which is better – CO2 or compressed air?“. Both HPA and CO2 are sources of the pressure that pushes the paintball out of the barrel; however, there

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How to use a paintball gun

How to Use a Paintball Gun

Holding the Paintball Gun Properly The first thing you need to know about how to use a paintball gun is to hold it properly. While paintball guns are designed to be safe, you need to remember that they use a lot of high pressured air to propel the paintballs at high speeds. You need to be

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paintball gun trigger

How Does A Paintball Gun Work?

The Basics Paintball guns essentially work in the same way: the paintballs are expelled from the end of the barrel of a paintball gun using expanding gas in controlled bursts. Typically, the compressed gas is either compressed air or compressed carbon dioxide from a canister that is attached to the gun. There are some guns

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girl playing paintball with a camouflage suit

How Far Can A Paintball Gun Shoot?

Have you ever wondered “How far can a paintball gun shoot?” If so, like many things in life, the answer is, “It depends.” No one answer covers every situation, as there are many variables and outside factors that can affect distance. That said, there are several ways to estimate the shooting distance of your paintball

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paintball gun and mask on asphalt

What Equipment Do You Need For Paintball?

Gun or Marker The first and most obvious piece of equipment you need for paintball is the paintball gun itself. Also known as markers, they are the main tool for the game itself. Paintball guns come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. How much money you want to spend on it is on you. All you

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