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Dye and Bunkerkings make some of the best paintball masks available. We have an in-depth look at 2 of their most popular models, the Dye i5 vs Bunkerkings CMD – which one is best?

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Dye i5 vs Bunkerkings CMD – Specifications

Dye i5 Paintball GoggleBunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggles/Mask
Dye i5 Paintball Goggle
Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggles/Masks
LensAnti-fog Dyetanium LensAnti-fog VIO Thermal Lens
Glare reduction
Vision Angle290-degreeNot stated
Strap SecurityGSR Gear Lock SystemUltra wide goggle strap
Wireless Capabilitye.VOKE Wireless Air SyncN/A
ComfortSoft touch multi-layer foamSuper soft microfiber contact layer
Interchangeable plush BK foam
Key Features and DesignHeads Up POV Mount
Sound Catch
Ultralite Construction
Compression Formed Ears
Scream Multi-Directional Venting
Easy to Change Lens
Hi-flow Ventilation
Moisture Reduction Design
Multi-Directional Air Exhaust Zones
Anti-Echo Geometry and Materials
Distortion-Free Hearing
Direct Communication Mouth Vents
Bounce Flex Zones
Quick-Change Lens System
Size OptionsOne SizeOne Size
CertificationASTM CertifiedN/A
Color OptionsAF1
Blue Azure
Highlander Camo
Cost ( PriceCheck Price

Dye i5 vs Bunkerkings CMD – Similarities

Both the Dye i5 and Bunkerkings CMD have the same fitting size

  • Both the Dye i5 and Bunkerkings CMD masks are ‘one size fits most’ and can be adjusted.

Both offer the same warranty

  • The Dye i5 and Bunkerkings CMD masks offer a 1-year warranty.

Dye i5 vs Bunkerkings CMD – Differences

Both paintball masks have slightly different lens features

  • The Dye i5 has a Toroidal Horizon anti-fog, anti-scratch lens with Dyetanium standard lens for UV ray protection while offering broad peripheral vision.
  • The Bunkerkings CMD uses an anti-fog, scratch-resistant, and glare-reducing VIO thermal lens.

Only the Dye i5 has a stated vision angle

  • The Dye i5 has a wide 290-degree vision angle.

The Dye i5 and Bunkerkings CMD have a different strap security

  • The Dye i5 offers a GSR Gear Lock System known for its precise tension control, maximum comfort, and evenly distribution of force on the head and patent-pending ratchet strap system. 
  • The Bunkerkings CMD has an ultra-wide adjustable goggle strap with secure grip and non-slip qualities.

Only the Dye i5 has a wireless capability feature

  • The Dye i5 is e.VOKE Wireless Air-Sync connection compatible that is not available for the Bunkerkings CMD.

Both have different foams used for comfort

  • The Dye i5 uses a new soft-touch multi-layer foam, while the Bunkerkings CMD uses a super soft microfiber contact layer interchangeable plush Bunkerkings foam. Both are designed to keep sweat and moisture away while providing a comfortable fit for different facial contours.

The Dye i5 and Bunkerkings CMD have different design and features

  • The Dye i5 is lightweight, with a soft and flexible compression formed earpiece. It features a universal Heads-Up POV mount, and multi-directional venting for moisture dissipation and easy communication. Aside from that, it is designed with a quick-release foam kit, and lens replacement is easy & tool-free.
  • The Bunkerkings CMD features “hi-flow” ventilation designed for moisture reduction. It has a multi-directional air exhaust zone, anti-echo geometry, and materials for a distortion-free hearing and direct communication mouth vents for clear communication. Aside from that, it has bounce flex zones that absorb impact for added protection and a quick-change lens system designed for easy lens replacement.

Both paintball masks slightly differ in width and length

  • The Dye i5 has a width of 9” and a length of 9”.
  • The Bunkerkings CMD has a width of 8.5” and a length of 8.5”.

Both the Dye i5 and Bunkerkings CMD differ in mask weight

  • The Dye i5 is incredibly light at 0.78lbs, while the Bunkerkings CMD is slightly heavier at 1.2lbs.

Only the Dye i5 has an ASTM certification

  • The Dye i5 is ASTM approved, with certification for maximum eye protection.

Both paintball masks are available in a different range of colors

  • The Dye i5 is available in either AF1, Emerald, Onyx/Gold, Storm, DyeCam, Onyx, Patriot, or White/Gold.
  • The Bunkerkings CMD is available in either Blue Azure or Highlander Camo.


The Dye i5 and Bunkerkings CMD paintball masks offer safety and protection. The choice between the two will depend on your preferences.

Here are some notable differences that might help you when choosing which paintball mask is best for you:

  • The Dye i5 is lighter than the Bunkerkings CMD.
  • The Dye i5 is Wi-Fi compatible.
  • The Dye i5 has a wider vision angle of 290 degrees.
  • The Dye i5 has a broader color range.