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Tippmann makes some of the best entry-level paintball markers available. We have an in-depth look at 2 of their most popular models, the Tippmann Gryphon vs Cronus – which one is best?

Tippmann Gryphon vs Cronus – Specifications

Tippmann GryphonTippmann Cronus
Tippmann Gryphon .68 caliber Paintball Marker
Tippmann Cronus Tactical Semi-Automatic 68 Caliber Olive Paintball Marker
Marker Type  MechanicalMechanical / Single Finger
Caliber 0.680.68
Operation  Gas Blow BackOpen Bolt Blow Back
Operating Pressure  800 psi 800 psi
Co2 or HPA CO2 and HPA CompatibleCO2 and HPA Compatible
Barrel Thread  A5/X7A5
Barrel Length  7 inches(stock barrel) 9 inches
Weight 2.1lbs3.7lbs
Length20 inches17 inches
BPS  9+8
Gas LineIn-line gas system (internal)In-line gas system (internal)
Shooting Speed280 fps280-300 fps
PropellantCO2 or HPACO2 or HPA
Warranty2 Years2 Years
CostCheck PriceCheck Price

Tippmann Gryphon vs Cronus – Similarities

The Tippmann Gryphon and Tippmann Cronus are both mechanical markers

  • Both are mechanical markers, a common type which is easy to use and maintain. Both operate with a single fire shot per trigger pull.

Both markers are .68 caliber

  • Both the Tippmann Gryphon and Tippmann Cronus are .68 caliber – the most common caliber size for paintball markers.

Both the Tippmann Gryphon and Cronus have the same operating pressure

  • Both markers operate on an 800 psi operating pressure – a standard operating pressure for most paintball markers.

Both markers are compatible with CO2 and HPA

  • Both the Tippmann Gryphon and Cronus are compatible with either CO2 or HPA, giving variety and flexibility to users depending on their preference, and adaptable to whichever propellant is available at the field.

Both markers have the same shooting speed

  • The Tippmann Gryphon and Cronus both have a standard velocity of 280 FPS.

Both the Tippmann Gryphon and Cronus have internal gas lines

  • Both have an internal gas system making the marker look better, as well as being more efficient and easier to maneuver.

Both markers offer the same warranty

  • The Tippmann Gryphon and Cronus both have a 2-year warranty.

Tippmann Gryphon vs Cronus – Differences

Both markers have different operations

  • While both markers have easy mechanisms, The Tippmann Gryphon operates with a gas blowback mechanism while the Tippmann Cronus has an open bolt blowback mechanism.

Both have different standard barrel lengths

  • The Tippmann Gryphon has a slightly shorter barrel length of 7 inches as compared to the Tippmann Cronus with 9 inches.

Tippmann Cronus is heavier than the Tippmann Gryphon

  • The Tippmann Gryphon weighs at 2.1lbs while the Tippmann Cronus is heavier, weighing at 3.7lbs.

The Tippmann Gryphon is longer than the Tippmann Cronus

  • Tippman Gryphon is 20 inches long while the Tippmann Cronus is shorter at 17 inches.

Both markers have different maximum firing rates

  • While both markers can shoot 8 BPS, their maximum differs. The Tippmann Gryphon can shoot a maximum of 12 BPS while the Cronus can shoot up to a maximum of 15 BPS.

Both markers have different upgrade potential

  • The Tippmann Gryphon has a wide range of upgrades, modifications and accessories available – you can even make it look like an M16 if you wish. The Cronus, while still upgradeable, doesn’t have the same wide range of options as the Gryphon.


The Tippmann Gryphon and Tippmann Cronus are both efficient, powerful, durable, and easy to use. They are both based on the field-proven Tippmann 98 internal mechanism. Their similarities are standard but here are some notable differences you might want to consider:

  • The Tippmann Cronus is shorter than the Gryphon making it a little easier to maneuver than longer markers.
  • The Tippmann Gryphon is lighter to carry weighing 2.1lbs than the Cronus.
  • The Gryphon is more versatile in terms of available accessories and upgrades.

The Cronus is more typically used in woodsball. The Gryphon, on the other hand, is more versatile, and may lend itself better to speedball games than the Cronus. However, your decision of which marker to choose will depend on your personal preference and how you choose to use your marker.