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cost of paintball

How Much Does Paintball Cost?

The cost of paintball will depend on how much or how little you want to play and pay.

The more time you spend playing paintball, the more money it will cost you in the long-run.

Here’s our guide if you’re wondering, “how much does paintball cost?”

Calculating The Cost Of Paintball 

The cost of paintball will be determined by the field provider. You’ll find different paintball fields have widely varying prices, but in most cases, a game will cost between $20 to $140 per person

The total cost will depend mainly on the field you choose and if you are renting paintball gear. Don’t want to spend too much money? Give the field a call to ask about the field, rental equipment, and air refill options on-site.

It also never hurts to ask if they have any discounts for first-time players. Sometimes it pays to be a little cheeky, right?

How Much Will It Cost To Buy Basic Paintball Equipment?

It’s important not to splash the cash too hard when you start playing paintball. A beginner’s semi-automatic or electro-mechanical paintball gun will cost between $70 to $100. At the other end of the scale, we’ve seen paintball guns over $2000. Around $200 should get you a decent beginner set, with an upgradeable gun.

For a more in-depth look at paintball gun options, check out our review of the best paintball guns.

If you think you will fall head over heels in love with the sport, select an upgradeable entry-level paintball gun. If paintball turns into a passion, you’ll be able to add barrels, expansion chambers, drop forwards, and more.

If you don’t want to spend much on your initial purchase, we recommend choosing a pump rifle – yes, they can be a little slower in comparison to other paintball guns. They also lack the accuracy you might want when on the field; however, they are significantly cheaper.

In some cases, the guns will come equipped with a mask, hopper, and tank. You do have the option to buy the items individually. If you’re trying to keep the budget low, try to avoid paying for ‘nice-to-have’ non-essentials such as a motorized hopper. While a basic hopper will cost you as little as $5, you could spend over $40 for a mask.

Try not to compromise on quality when it comes to a paintball mask. You must protect your face as much as possible during the sport. Never remove your mask on the field, even if it fogs up, as it can be a dangerous sport without the right headgear. You’ll be wearing your mask for a long time, so invest in a comfortable option.

Are Paintballs Expensive?

It is possible to bring your paintball equipment with you. Don’t be surprised, however, if a provider insists you only use their field paint.

Are you wondering, “how much will the field paintballs cost?” It often costs between $35 to $60 per box for 2,000. Many beginners tend to use more paintballs when starting – expect to use up to 600 paintballs on your first day.

Will There Be Any Recurring Costs?

If you do decide that paintball is the sport for you, it might be wise to buy or upgrade your equipment.

In addition to paying to use a paintball field, you will have to pay for air and paintballs. You can buy the items in bulk, which will come in count boxes of up to 2,000 rounds. You can choose between .50 and .68 caliber rounds.

You will also need to buy air canisters along with the paintballs. Without the canisters, you won’t have any fuel to fire the paintballs at your opponent. You can go traditional with 12-gram CO2 canisters, or you can choose compressed air. Many people choose compressed air because it is more environmentally-friendly.

The cost of the canisters will vary depending on the option you choose and the supplier.

How much does it cost to rent a paintball gun?

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on paintball. If you’re a beginner and want to try the sport, you’ll be happy to learn most local fields offer rental equipment. The price of the equipment will depend on the field, but we wouldn’t expect you to pay any more than $30.

The average paintball price will be for an entry-level gun, mask, tank, hopper, and paintballs. Some may even include the entrance fee in the rental equipment price. Try and get some paintballs and CO2 canisters included too.

You can also look for paintball stores that will allow you to rent their equipment to play anywhere. By doing so, you could buy your paintballs from the store, which will most likely be cheaper than the field paint.

How much does a day of paintball cost?

This varies depending on the paintball field & whether you’re bringing your own gear or renting it at the field. In general, field fees will be in the $15-$30 range if you’re bringing your own gear, and as low as $30-$40 if you rent their gear.

How Do I Reserve a Location?

The sport is often played on either a course or field that’s designed for that purpose. You can often reserve a paintball spot on a per person rate. Some fields may let you choose between different package deals. It is also possible to play at an amazing secluded location, or you could even play a free game on your own property.

Are Package Deals Worth the Money?

The last thing you will want to do is spend an arm and a leg on a sport you don’t enjoy. Packaged deals can be a great way to try out the sport for the first time. The deal will include the cost of the equipment, field fee, air, and paintballs.

Don’t expect to use the latest paintball equipment, though. More than likely, the rental equipment will be outdated, but it will still be effective.


The cost of paintball can be as high or low as you allow it to be. If you’re wondering, “how much does it cost to go paintballing?” you should ask yourself how much you want to pay and play.

Never buy equipment before your first try, because you might not enjoy the game. Rental equipment might be a little lower on quality, but it’s a great way to enjoy a test run.

If you enjoy the experience, you should be ready to invest in entry-level equipment. Your paintball gear should grow alongside your experience. When the time comes to upgrade, you won’t be thinking “how much will it cost me?” and will see it as an investment in the sport.

Do you have any paintball tips for beginners? Write a comment below to share your advice.