Paintball's Best Tactics

What Are Paintball’s Best Tactics?

When you go paintballing there is really only one reason you play… To win. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, having paintball’s best tactics will set you apart from your competition.

If you are looking to up your game then you have come to the right place.

Read on to find out some of the best tactics you use while paintballing.

Let’s get straight to it.

Learn to communicate and strategize with your team.

Use radio headsets

Having a simple radio headset will really improve your game strategy. Not only does it cut out the need to shout while passing along orders or strategy but it also will allow you to keep in contact with your team at all times, even if they are on the others side of the course.

For the best tactics with your radio headsets, you will want to make sure that they don’t make any excess noise (bleeps and buzzes will give your position away) and that you establish a usage policy (to cut out the unnecessary chatter.)

Use non-verbal cues.

Sometimes you may be in a position where using a radio would give your position away (like when trying to carry out a sneak attack.) Establishing some non-verbal cues to carry out strategy can be one of paintball’s best tactics to ensure your cover isn’t blown.

Plus it’s we’ll just say what you’re thinking: it’s badass.

Train with your team.

Training with your team is important because not only will it help you gel together better but it will also help you discover the strengths and skill each member has.

The best training tactics will incorporate a healthy mix of skill training such as sharpshooting session with physical fitness training.

Don’t forget to switch it up and have fun! Building comradery among your team is a crucial factor to your success in the game as it will keep morale and enthusiasm about the sport high.


This is perfect for whenever you are stuck in a comprising position. If you and your team are held down by enemy fire you can split up and move towards the opposition on either side.

This is called flanking and is one of the foundational best tactics to use in a match.

By flanking your opponents you can take them by a surprise from the side, eliminate them or at the very least cause them to fall back and lose their strong offensive position.

Defend the base.

Not all your players should be on the offensive.

By having a few team members hang back they can provide a good defense to fall back on if things get heated, prevent enemy flankers and even defend your base.

When setting up defense positions it’s important not to have them in one singular line. This ‘wall’ of defense may seem effective but it also runs the risk of losing all your defenders with one loose enemy attacker.

Set up your defense in a semi-circle fashion. That way it will better cover all angles and will be able to recover quickly if one point is broken.


You will be familiar with this method already if you have watched any major action films and for a good reason because it’s one of paintball’s best tactics around.

Leap-frogging is a simple tactic where player A will move forward while player B covers them.

Once player A reaches cover they will pop up and provide cover fire so player B can move forward.

This is a highly aggressive tactic and allows you to push forward very quickly with relatively low risk.

However, be careful. Things can get heated quickly and by taking a few seconds to play it cool and time your movements right you may dodge a hit.

Get the right gear.

They say that a bad workman always blames his tools and while it is true that the most important thing of a piece of gear is the individual using them, having the best gear can give you that competitive edge.

At the very least every member of the team should have the basic safety equipment and enough paintballs to last them the entire match.

As time passes you can gauge how well your team is doing and how invested they are in the sport. As things progress naturally they can invest in better gear piece by piece to avoid large upfront expenses.

Be sure to check out our buying guides for the best tips on what gear/equipment you should invest in.

Use runners.

Look here’s the deal, chances are everyone on your paintball team will have different strengths and qualities. One of paintball’s best tactics to enforce is to actually play on those strengths.

After training with your team for a while you will soon discover what traits each member has. Speed is something that will stand out pretty quickly.

If you have a few team members who are exceptionally fast on their feet it isn’t a bad idea to elect them as ‘runners.’

Runners are extremely powerful in objective based games like capture the flag. You can tell your runners that their main goal is to run straight to flag and grab it as soon as the game starts.

They can even leave their guns behind so that they won’t slow them down. To really up your game why not use a team of runners who can recover the objective if another runner goes down… The rest of the team can provide cover fire to try and protect the runners.

Even for non-objective based games if you know the course you can deploy your runners to capture vantage points quickly as soon as the game starts.

Paintball’s Best tactics from Paintball4all.

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